Where does LEYENDA come?
  LEYENDA arises from the exchange of musical ideas of three of its founding members, David, Fernando and Antonio. Work and constant fight to promote the band have been always predominant notes and they have given to LEYENDA the opportunity to ascend many times to the most characteristic metal scene in Spain.

When is LEYENDA formed?
  The founders of LEYENDA were met in the the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid while studying Physics. They joined their musical influences to create, in September 1995, a band called Infernal that would evolve to LEYENDA with the years.

What does LEYENDA make?
  Diversity of musical ideas forms an extensive variety of slow or powerful songs, characterized by catching choruses and good melodies, mixing all type of classical eighties and modern heavy metal. Lyrics, in their majority worked by the vocalist and guitar player Antonio S. Montemayor, try to seek free interpreted stories to capture moments and reflexions of our living.

Who are LEYENDA?
  At the moment LEYENDA is formed by Jörgen Bjurenlind in the drums, Diego Borealis in the rhythmic and solo guitars, Javi García in the bass guitar and Antonio S. Montemayor in vocals and rhythm guitars. If you want to know more about each component we suggest you to visit the band section.

Which is the current situation of LEYENDA?
  After an intense and continuous preparation, LEYENDA obtains the interest of PIES Record Company who signs contract with the band. In 2005 they released "Quintaesencia", their first LP produced by V.M. Arias (ex-Niagara and current guitarist of the very well-known Spanish rock band Ñu). At the end of 2006, LEYENDA is planned to release their second album, called "A Medianoche", again produced by V.M.Arias and mastered by Mika Jussila in Finnvox Studios of Helsinki (Finland). In September 2008, LEYENDA signs with PICAP a new record contract for the next 3 albums, starting with "Horizontes" in 2009. The "Horizontes Tour" finishes in the most important Spanish festival LEYENDAS DEL ROCK 2010.

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